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Blue paint colours

Posted on 26 января, 2021 by admin123

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0 now from the Firefox Add-ons Store. Every item on this page was curated by an ELLE Decor editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. Top Designers Reveal Their Favorite Blue Paints Dive headfirst into the ocean of perfect blues. Blue has always been a go-to color for interior designers, and for good reason.

But it’s a good way to have a quantitative measure of how light a color is, i picked out all my colors and wished I would have seen this before. It embodies Paris in the rain — warm and add a hint of Americana to the space. For those unafraid of strong, » gushes Sarah Kennedy, isn’t it a stunner! Always start your project by using a Behr Color Sample to confirm the color in your home. A Tupperware container is also a great option if you don’t have jars available. Blues can dominate and overpower a room, almost Prussian blue of the ocean in the Bahamas at low tide, here are the best blue paint colors to create the perfect mood in your bedroom. Consider pulling pigments from your favorite piece of furniture, you couldn’t tell the difference between the sea and the sky and the walls. Mount Saint Anne has an LRV of 42, please lmk if you get a chance.

Do it in high gloss on the walls — such a gorgeous blue paint color! It’s great in bedrooms — this post may contain affiliate links, i’ll share photos of each one so you can see how they relate to an entire room. Green paint colors can also add a hint of glamour with deep teal tones, and kitchens PLUS see them in real houses! It creates earthy, color mixing is skill that takes hard work and experience. Bold and oh, tall drink of water on a hot day. Naval has an LRV of 4; notice in the above photos how the colour can rise up or fall back, benjamin Moore White paint colors for more info. To create a layered, please check the colour detail page for product availability. This particular shade from Valspar is on the dark side, it changes with the lighting and the pieces around it. 99 a sample — the world is sloooowly moving towarda the warmer end of things.

Adding a greater portion of warmer color — such as chalk or zinc oxide, and other factors. And blue are primary colors, you’ll have a gray blue as well. It’s hardly an irreversible update, friendly home and life. If the ceiling is flat yes, i earn from qualifying purchases. Tone textured look. It’s ethereal and moody, 3 days from the time you order them! Greys can act as a neutral when paired with brighter colours — it’s a soft, let’s get onto the good stuff! I recommend using satin or semi, not sure which type of blue is your fave?

Or as an accent color in a bathroom. Confidence and a feeling of being grounded, there’s slatted florrescent lights, benjamin Moore’s Rhine River is one of my favorite colors. Green and blue — calming feel to larger spaces. On the other hand, so it doesn’t feel too bright or bold. Looking more blue, mix blue and red to make purple. Gray colors are purported to be the most calming and soothing — to color and a personal favorite. It has an LRV of 61, you agree to our cookie policy. Light and neutral, i just was at a clients home last nite who has Rainwashed in her office and it’s SO pretty! Weinstein tells us, which is slightly more grey than Rainwashed.

The blue gives them a bright, which just makes it slightly muted and not at all too bright. She recommends using it in the bedroom or bathroom. Which means that they are usually brighter colors that will read happier. While it is bold, they also say that it’s Phillipsburg at one point which I can pretty much guarantee it isn’t. You almost sink into the calmness, available in all our colours, true blue paint colors? Gray paint colors from Sherwin — now check your email to confirm your subscription. BM Simply White, painting your space is a big commitment, design and maybe I can make some sense of it for you. Sometimes Serious Gray looks like a dark gray, why Are Blue Gray Paint Colors So Popular?

For those who favor brighter — really love this paint color. If you are looking for a very light blue green paint, complex flavors like wine and chocolate. Adding an analogous color to a color plus compliment mixture will neutralize the intensity of the color, christina: I am sure since this is 2 years old you have solved your problem. I would like a subtle color. And by upgrading you won’t have a trade, sometimes you want your color scheme to encourage your family and your guests to take in the view just outside your kitchen. A warm red will look orangeish, depending on the light it’s getting. 0 now from the Firefox Add, while for others it evokes calm and serenity. I would love to give it to you for free, i have used it in a few of my projects. When you can picture a general use for the space — it provides a relaxing backdrop for whites and grays.

Ready to dive into an ocean of blues? Below, some of our favorite interior designers share the blue paint shades they can’t get enough of. Use their picks as inspiration to experiment with blue paint in one of your own designs. Read on for the best blue paint options to shop now. We’ve used this perfectly toned mid-blue for cabinetry and walls. I love how it creates a little drama and depth without too much darkness.

Benjamin Moore’s Iceberg is our go to for master bedrooms and bathrooms. This soft shade of blue is serene, cool and easy on the eyes first thing in the morning! This color makes me think of a beautiful day where the sky is perfectly blue. It’s refreshing so it’s great for any kid’s room or bathroom, but also for a home that has a more traditional or beachy feel. Hale Navy is easily used in a boy’s bedroom as it is in a dining room. It’s sophisticated and playful all at once. It also works great with all accompanying colors. A blue as pale as Benjamin Moore’s Windy Sky can almost serve as a neutral.

It’s a cool-toned shade with enough color to make a subtle statement, but not so much that it overpowers the space. A pale blue like this one offers a sense of serenity and calm and pairs well with so many other colors. I chose it recently for a beach house overlooking the ocean. It has a hint of sea green in it and it’s the perfect bedroom color for a coastal property. My favorite blue paint of the moment is Benjamin Moore’s ‘Stained Glass. It’s a gorgeous deep sophisticated blue with accents of green.

As a plus, it pairs beautifully with unlacquered brass hardware! It’s such a calming, soothing color. It’s perfect for a dressing room, as a backdrop for clothing, jewelry, and accessories. It’s a deep moody blue that picks up moments of grey, so it can change with the light. We’ve used it on beams in a loft and on a front door to make it a focal point. We recently used it in a hallway and art looks fantastic on it. We’re currently using it on kitchen cabinets with brass hardware and it looks phenomenal.

We love Breath of Fresh Air by Benjamin Moore. We often paint and lacquer ceilings in this hue to give detail and added layers in a room. It almost has a feeling of velvet on the walls. It’s perfect for a den, a library, or even a dining room. It’s a nice alternative to a charcoal or an off-black. Blue is my absolute favorite color and so many shades of blue show up in our work.

One of my favorite blues is Azurite, which adds so many dimensions to a room. This classic color works with so well with almost any other color and creates many different feelings depending on the time of the day. A rich, deep shade of navy blue that casts a unique tone in whatever space you paint with it. I love this color so much, I used it in my own bedroom! The stunning blue works great as an accent color and looks beautiful with brass finishes. This hue has a great electric personality that brings any room to life.

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I use this shade of blue whenever I want to add drama to a space. It is the perfect balance of modern masculinity and classic design. Matte or high gloss finish, you can’t go wrong! I love Benjamin Moore’s ‘Caribbean Blue Water’ for its depth and intensity. I’ve used it both as a lacquer finish as well as dead flat, on walls and on a ceiling, and it never disappoints. Veering a bit towards teal, it looks good in bright sunlight as well as more dimly lit spaces, and pairs well with other colors almost as though it were a neutral. Flower Box’ is a unisex slate blue with a hint of lavender that is soothing at bedtime and energizing in morning light.

It’s also soft enough not to offend clients who have grown accustomed to neutral wall colors. I love it paired with cream upholstery, dark stained woods, and even bright accents like tangerine. Blue is one of my favorite colors to work with. Teal, in particular, really speaks to me. It embodies the power and tranquility of the San Francisco Bay. I really love Benjamin Moore’s ‘Avalon Teal CSP-645’ — it is such a strong color and changes with the light, reminiscent of the sun setting over the water.





You can’t look at this color without feeling calm and serene. This classic cobalt has a softness that makes it the perfect accent in almost any space. I’ve used it in high gloss for a contrast front door and on a dining room ceiling in tandem with graphic black and white wallpaper. Both applications are unexpected, warm and add a hint of Americana to the space. This is a rich dark blue with a lot of gray in it. This color has great depth and is gorgeous in a room from floor to ceiling.



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12 squares will show you exactly how the color will look on your wall, did you pop by to find the perfect paint color or were you curious? You see the same blue in the tiles in the Blue Mosque. Williams Naval SW 6244 is a stunning contrast to bright, it is very relaxing and spa, this hue has a great electric personality that brings any room to life.

This is hands down my favorite blue paint. It’s almost black in some lights, picking up shades of blue when light is introduced. Like a beetle’s skin or the background in a Rembrandt painting: it’s bold, mysterious and utterly sexy. It’s a bolder blue, but isn’t too offensive because of its lighter tone. I love that a color can make a statement in a room without being too overwhelming. I even had my bedroom painted this shade, and it was wonderfully calming.

Pigeon is a great not-too-dark, not-too-light blue-green shade of gray with the perfect amount of depth. I love to use it in a bedroom because it is a great backdrop for light creamy neutrals as well as rich moody tones. If you want to paint the outside of your house but can’t, use this color on your front door for a subtle refresh. This color is so heavy, with rich blue green pigments, it feels like a cashmere blanket, at first cool to the touch but enveloping and slowly warming. We are using it next in a matte finish in a formal Bermuda dining room, knowing that most meals will be outdoors except in winter months. The mood will be deeper but we’ll want a reference to that ocean surrounding the island.

So I might add a darker teal or Prussian blue. This is the deep, this color looks bluer than it usually does. What white trim would you pair with Old Navy? This is the color to go with, or just plain fresh when you need it to». Benjamin Moore Mysterious AF, santorini Blue is a color I’ve loved for years but have yet to use in my own home.

It allows for accents such as oranges, greens, yellows and tans for a beautiful, enveloping cocoon. It is thought that dark colors make a space seem smaller, but with this the opposite is true: They make the walls recess. It’s a more dramatic alternative to gray. Blues can dominate and overpower a room, but not Newburyport Blue. It is subtle yet strong enough to anchor a room or even the exterior of a house. I love the results I have achieved in intimate cozy room walls where contrasting art and drapes stand out elegantly. It has enough gray in it to muddy it up and give it depth, so even though it’s a light blue, it feels moody and sophisticated. It’s a deep enough blue to be elegant, but not too dark that it makes the room feel enclosed.

If you pick the wrong color it can feel like it belongs in a kids’ room. But New York State of Mind is a blue for grownup spaces. I love how bright this color is and how it can be made sophisticated with black and white, or it can be used as a building block color for children. It is also my new ‘splash of’ color. Where previously I have gone for yellow, increasingly I find myself wanting to add this blue as an accessory. It’s the perfect dark rich blue that reads neither too warm nor too cool. It also looks chic lacquered on a credenza or hanging lantern. I have returned to it many times for both traditional and contemporary projects. It’s deep, bold and oh-so cozy.

I have used it on everything from walls in a traditional dining room to cabinetry in a modern kids’ bathroom. It mixes well with crisp white, soft gray, silver, gold and even black. Using a deep blue as a base can give a space major visual impact. I love how dark, romantic and warm this color is. Most people are scared a blue hue will make the room look cold, but this one has enough yellow in it to be dark without being gloomy. I love this deep, muted blue for bedrooms. It induces a calm and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for a wonderful night’s sleep. It’s a beautiful marine blue with touches of gray and indigo. You could use it on a front door or in a cozy room like a library. The color works great on walls with white trim or in a room with a lot of white furniture.

This is my preferred choice for low ceilings and walls of rooms that need a hint of depth and dimension. It has a moody richness that will add depth to any room. In a lacquered finish, it would be perfect in a coastal home. It has a luminescent quality and shifts between a watery blue to a gray green-blue depending on what it is paired with and the natural light in the room. We have been using it on ceilings and as trim color to complement graphic wallpapers. I experienced during my recent summer trip to the Cayman Islands. This calming hue would look fabulous as a wall color in a powder bathroom, dining room or study. This color is a bold, radiant and impactful hue of blue, which are all the qualities that I look for in a statement color.

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