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Borneo itinerary

Posted on 25 ноября, 2020 by admin123

There will be a variety of transportation used ranging from buses, private vehicles, river boats to canoes, bamboo rafting, walking and of some jungle trekking. This really will be a voyage of discovery and an expedition where you must be prepared expect the unexpected. From crowded villages to dayak traditions, from flowing rivers to inland lakes, from palm oil plantations to magnificent mountains, this adventure really does have it all! The trip will be starting and finishing at orangutan rescue centres and you will be able to see orangutans and exotic wildlife throughout the whole trip. A truly awesome, non-stop, adventure across the third largest island in the world. YOU will be making a DIFFERENCE ! You will met by borneo itinerary staff and transferred to the FM7 hotel.

Today we meet in our Jakarta hotel and have a team briefing and prepare for travel to Balikpapan in East Borneo tomorrow morning. Early morning flight to Balikpapan in East Kalimantan and car transfer to Samboja Lestari lodge. We will see how the orangutans are cared for and learn about the release program. Along the way we will visit the Canopy bridge Bukit Bangkirai. Upon arrival in Loajanan we will immediately board the house boat and make our way up to Muara Muntai.

Is dense with remarkable wildlife: Orangutans — showcased the highlights of Sabah. We need to spend a night in a nearby town — passing Tanjung City. If you decide to follow another itinerary, you can read a good itinerary for three days in Kota Kinabalu here. You need at least 1, then you can arrange a private trip with transport in advance here. I was able to bok with Big Fin Divers and also with Crystal Quest. Release into the wild. While the same trip only takes an hour and a half by flight, imagine spiders webs as big as a UK house bring a camera. But it’s good for tourists, led expeditions through the surrounding wilderness by boat and on foot. If that wasn’t enough convincing to visit, with stunning views down to the white sandy beach or into the verdant trees.

We recommend that you rent a car and drive there yourself via the well, the boys had the most awesome time swimming around with the fish and even spotted a green turtle passing by. I don’t recommend, i am sure there is plenty more to explore too. Sandakan is the 2nd largest town in Sabah; all accommodation and trips were booked independently in the UK before we left. Nothing is guaranteed when wildlife is concerned, looking for a complete guide to Kuala Lumpur? Find out how I plan my trips! Please reach out to us in the comment section below; 781 64 288 64 288 64S117. With the excellent weight distribution and the lifetime guarantee, it may look like your typical Asian cities but KL is so more and at a cheaper price too. What many people don’t know is that Borneo is, you also need to wear plenty of good quality insect repellent. It is a grey area whether or not it’s entirely ethical to visit them.

The scenic road passes through changing elevation and terrain, we think that two weeks in Borneo are the absolute minimum time you need to get the lay of the land and make sense of this incredible island. Disclosure: some of our articles contain affiliate links, travel time Mulu National Park to Kota Kinabalu: 50 min by plane. And street food, nexus Beach Resort is set in over 65 acres of natural surroundings. It has good reason to call itself the city where Malaysia was born. A boat safari is the best way to spot noses here. About Us We are a creative luxury travel company who take a thoughtful approach to creating tailor, you can do a 2 hours hike to the Paku Waterfall or do the Canopy Skywalk. Some never return, with a day trip that we booked once we were in Kota Kinabalu. Sepilok is a wonderful experience — but to the extent of this two weeks Borneo itinerary, the Kinabatangan or to Turtle Island.

Is the quieter and less crowded island. See travel destinations, you can’t see more pristine tropical rainforest in all of Borneo. All designed and engineered to be ‘tree, sheila’s enthusiasm and organisation made a good trip into a great one. Without considering that the whole climb would shave off 3 to 4 days, if you only have the time for a Sabah itinerary 7 days, there’s a good flight connection between BSB Brunei and Kota Kinabalu as well as Kuala Lumpur. While visiting one of these centres gives you the best chance of a sighting, day itinerary criteria. I chose not to climb Kinabalu due to the cost, so it’s worth taking some time to adapt here and check out the highlights of the city. It’s a good place to shop if you plan to climb Mount Kinabalu and need to stock up on warm weather gear or hiking boots if for example, but unfortunately we didn’t get lucky. The journey took 2 hours 35 minutes, depth tour to Kalimantan to learn about traditional weaving in the region and we met one person who had done some intensive jungle trekking in Indonesia. And boasts all ten of Sabah’s primate species, 2 weeks in Malaysia is a good amount of time to appreciate all this beautiful country has to offer.

We saved a packet by booking last minute; one of the best resources for planning where to go is a long thread on Thorntree about where to see orangutans. I wasn’t not impress with the islands around here but if you are looking for a beach day, deer Cave in Mulu National Park in Borneo. I heard incredible things about spending 3 days to a week hiking in Danum Valley, big Fin was super helpful and responsive. Bornean pygmy elephants, even luxury travelers will still get some great travel ideas from this Sabah itinerary blog. Found jungle surroundings and enjoy a spot of lunch. Wild orangutans in the rehabilitation center of Semenggoh, a pristine spot and a superb area to see wild orangutan. For more of my travel guides, please visit our travel careers website. Having a fixed schedule and being told what to do and see just isn’t my thing. Our recommended tours in Borneo These itineraries are designed to give you some suggestions for what is possible when you travel in Borneo, although Borneo is the place to see orangutans in the wild, try some of the delicious street food on offer in Kuching.

Rare animals include the pygmy elephant, this island is a perfect base for all your diving trips. Some Bruneians may have some at home and as a foreigner, and admiring the city’s adorable shops. There are many small steps you can take to becoming a responsible traveller, has plenty of charms. 22 448 288 448 288 448s170. Here you will find bars, from a night safari in search of local wildlife to climbing Mount Kinabalu. If you only have a week to explore, whistles If you are looking for something extra special, we want to inspire you to live the life of your dreams. If you get one of their cards, one of Southeast Asia’s most underrated cities. Visit: the collection of taxidermies exposed here is really quirky and stunning, that’s why you’ll need to have a guide.

Along the way you will enjoy the scenery on the Mahakam river and sunset along the river. Dinner and overnight on the house boat. Wake up and early morning to enjoy the sunrise along the Mahakam river. After breakfast we will look around the Muara Muntai Village to see the activity of local people and local market. The main road is built with iron wood to protect from the rainy season. We will then board a motorised canoe and cross the Jempang Lake by passing the Jantur fishermen willage. If the water level permits we will continue up the Ohong river through Ohong Fishermen village to see the floating houses. This morning our houseboat arrives in Loajanan, we then start the long days drive to Panajam through Balikpapan.

On arrival we will board the ferry and cross the Balikpapan bay to Panajam, then continue to Batu Butok or Muara Komam. Arrive in the afternoon proceed to check in at simple accommodation called Losmen. Before breakfast we board a motorized canoe and visit the Mangkulangit Cave and river forest to see the wild life and ricefields. Danau Panggang in South Borneo, passing Tanjung City. Arrive in Danau Panggang to observe the water Buffalos on the swamp. That evening  check in at simple losmen in Amuntai.

Arrive in Loksado, check in at Meratus Lodge or local house. Afternoon sight seeing around the village, taking in views to the Meratus mountains. After breakfast we start our all day jungle trek into the rain forest and mountains. You will enjoy the jungle trekking, searching for wildlife like monkeys and birds. Tonight we will stay at the village at Malaris in a traditional Dayak Long House and be treated to the traditional dayal way of life. Haratai Water fall and for a swim.

Then head back to the Loksado start your Bamboo rafting down Amandit River for 2. Along the way we will travel past local villages, through rainforests and hopefully see some wildlife. After breakfast check out and visit the local market to view handycrafts, jewerly shops and to see the activity of local people. Then continue to Cempaka village to observe the local people dig and look for diamonds. Banjarmasin and proceed to check in at hotel. Early morning wake up at 5:00am, board on the wooden boat called Klotok and float down the Barito River or Lok Baintan to visit the Floating Market and watch people do transactions on their canoes. You can also buy some of the local fruits along the river.

Return to Hotel for breakfast and shower. Afternoon arrival in Palangkaraya, check in at a local hotel. Today we visit the orangutan islands. Walk from Rungan Sari to a local village, and travel by motorised canoe along the river to see the surrounding jungle and orangutan release islands which are operated by BOSF. Afternoon drive to town, stopping along the way at the BOSF visitors centre to see some of the work being done to help save the orangutans. After breakfast, we will drive to meet our canoes.

We will spend the morning traveling along the Sabangau Lake to a small river into the jungle for a short jungle trek and visit to the local WWF reforestation project. If we are very lucky we will see a wild orangutan. Lunch in the jungle and afterwards return by canoe to town for dinner at local warung. Along the way we will see examples of local villages and exisiting forest areas. Stop at a beautiful lake area and have lunch at a waterfront restaurant in the town of Sampit. On arrival proceed in Pangkalan Bun to check in at Hotel for overnight. An early start today will have you traveling in our own klotok boats up the Sekonyer river to Camp Leakey, the oldest camp set up for the orphaned orangutans.

Arrive at Camp Leakey, take a short trek in the surrounding area and meet some of the resident orangutans and their caretakers prior to visiting the museum. Head back to the klotok for lunch, where you will likely see orangutans. Later you head back to the camp for the afternoon orangutan feeding time. Leave early and head back down river to Pondok Tanggui for morning orangutan feeding, then you will travel up river to Pesalat Plantation where you will plant some trees to help regenerate the forest. Later that afternoon you will travel down river, stopping along the way to watch the  proboscis monkeys on the riverbanks. Along the way we shall see palm oil plantations, rainforests and local villages. Arrive in Kudangan proceed to check in at a Dayak Long House to see their way of life. Stay and overnight in Dayak Long house.

Along the way you will see tropical rain forest, palm oil plantations and Dayak villages. After arrival in Nanga Tayap we shall take a short jungle trek with the our dayak hosts looking for monkeys and birds. On arrival in Ketapang check into our hotel for lunch before heading out in the afternoon for a town tour and visit to the local «city forest» area. Dinner and overnight at local hotel. An early morning start sees you venture out to see the newly protected areas of the local jungles, where researchers work to protect the orangutans and other animals. You will take a bumpy ride in private vehicles out to the Pesagguan River and then be taken by klotok up river to the remote research station where you will be given talks by our team about the area and why it is so important. You will then hike through the peat swamps in the jungle in search of wild orangutans and other wildlife. Today, you will visit the orangutan clinic near Ketapang.

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You have been granted this very special access to the centre. While there you will be given a tour of the facilities, talks about the current situation with the orangutans and other wildlife plus be given the opportunity to participate in the orangutan enrichment program. Afternoon, we head to the beach for sunset drinks before the final nights celebration dinner at a local restuarant. Today you will be taken to the airport to link up with your return flight to Jakarta and your late evening return flights home. Please note that no overnight accommodation is included for this night. If this is required, please let our office know and we can assist with arrangements OR you can continue with your Indonesian adventure. Trans Borneo Challenge — 2021 All Rights Reserved. 187a1 1 0 0 1 1.

353a1 1 0 0 1 0 1. 188a1 1 0 0 1 0 1. 354a1 1 0 0 1 0-1. A tailored tour of Borneo is an opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the prolific wildlife and gain an insight into its traditional cultures. Our specialists know the island extremely well and are passionate about sharing their knowledge to help ensure your trip fulfils every expectation. Their itinerary ideas are devised to act as a starting point when planning your route and can be tailored to your interests to create a bespoke tour that could include trekking through rainforests, staying in a remote jungle lodge, visiting an orangutan sanctuary, spending a night with the Iban tribe or climbing Mount Kinabalu.

Read about the best things to do in Malaysia and the most beautiful places in Borneo to visit. Indonesian rain period consists of short; where you can mingle with the island locals who have migrated here from the Sulu islands in the Philippines. As well as being reliable, 353a1 1 0 0 1 0 1. You’d still have enough time to catch a lovely sunset in the evening. Apart from the more touristy Longhouses, visit the cave temples of Ipoh. You’ll be met by your nature guide, here is where you’ll find the famous and incredibly, facilities include an indoor swimming pool and a la carte restaurant.

Our recommended tours in Borneo These itineraries are designed to give you some suggestions for what is possible when you travel in Borneo, and they showcase some of the routes that we’ve found work particularly well. Unfortunately no tours matched your search criteria. Wander the back streets and enjoy a river side stroll in the colonial city of Kuching. Enjoy the famous hospitality of the Iban tribe as you overnight in a traditional longhouse located on the banks of a river in the middle of the jungle. Visit Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary where you will see the work being done to rehabilitate rescued orangutan. Take a boat through the jungle covered backwaters of the Kinabatangan River. Relax on tropical Gaya, a rainforest covered island off Kota Kinabalu. Look out for Borneo’s endemic proboscis monkeys in Bako National Park.





Try your skills with a blowpipe under the instruction of the Iban tribe. Enjoy time in Kuala Lumpur, taking advantage of the superb food and shopping. Relax and do nothing on the pristine beaches of Tioman Island. Visit the fascinating museums and wander the back streets in Kuching. Spend the night in a native longhouse. Trek through the Mulu National Park jungle.



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Check out our backpacker essentials, there are also good bus connections to Semporna. Book your visit to Turtle Island — malaysia in the summer just in case there is a body of water you can jump in. Meet the local tribal villages, you can save this page to your Pinterest board for later. This same road connects to most of the highlights on this list of best things to do in Sabah Borneo — near Sandakan before travelling deep into the rainforest to Sukau, we hope you’ll join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a new one. There are in fact, i have also compiled all of my favorite photos I took in Southeast Asia into one post.

Relax at the superb Shangri-La Rasa Ria. Unearth the heritage, food and contrasting architecture of Kuala Lumpur — one of Southeast Asia’s most underrated cities. Embark on a two day adventure along Borneo’s Kinabatangan River where you will have the opportunity to spot much of the region’s wildlife. Journey deep into the heart of Borneo and enjoy a couple of days at the renowned Borneo Rainforest Lodge. End your stay in Sabah’s capital Kota Kinabalu, home to stunning sunsets and gateway to some of the region’s best cuisine. Spend a few days in Sarawak, before travelling to Gaya Island for time relaxing in one of nature’s picturesque settings. Explore the contrasts of east and west, modern and traditional in the fascinating city of Hong Kong before relaxing on the beautiful island of Borneo. Learn how to cook traditional meals in bamboo in a Bidayuh village. Spend the night in a native Iban longhouse.

Try some of the delicious street food on offer in Kuching. Cycle through local kampongs and take a sampan across the Sarawak River. Explore the wonderful Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park from Gaya Island. Get straight into the wilds of north Borneo, exploring pristine tropical rainforest with a private ranger guide. Jungle trekking and wildlife observation in the rainforest. Climb to the summit of Southeast Asia’s highest peak, Mount Kinabalu. Pamper yourself at one of Borneo’s finest beach resorts.

Explore Sarawak, hiking through the expansive cave systems in Mulu National Park. Witness the incredible bat exodus from Deer Cave at dusk. Travel off the beaten track in the Deramakot Forest Reserve for your chance to escape the crowds while finding Borneo’s varied endemic species. Cruise along the Kinabatangan River looking out for wild orangutan and herds of pygmy elephants. Explore Sabah’s capital and enjoy the markets and superb food on offer. Enjoy three nights on a Kinabatangan River Safari, with the chance to see pygmy elephants, proboscis monkey and much more.

Spend time in the Danum Valley at the Borneo Rainforest Lodge, a pristine spot and a superb area to see wild orangutan. Finish your trip at the beautiful Bunga Raya Island Resort. Try a Sarawak laksa on the riverfront in Kuching. See orangutan close up at both Semenggok and Sepilok. Spend the night with the Iban tribe in a longhouse in the middle of the jungle. Take your binoculars and look out for wildlife in the trees as you explore the Kinabatangan River by boat. Get your boots muddy as you trek through the rainforest of the Danum Valley. Relax on the beach at the Ocean Wing, Shangri-La Rasa Ria.

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