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Buying a dental practice

Posted on 22 мая, 2021 by admin123

A complete solution for buying and selling from the dental sector experts. Buying a dental practice can seem like a daunting process. Whether you are doing so for the first time or looking to add a practice to your pre-existing portfolio, our solicitors can offer the legal support you need to make sure your prospective purchase is the right one for you. It is vital that, before committing to a purchase, that thorough due diligence is carried out so that you have a clear and comprehensive picture regarding the practice that you are considering buying. Due diligence is essentially a fact-finding process and should be carried out in relation to the commercial aspects of the practice, as well as the property from which you will operate. We can review essential documents relating to the operation of the practice, for example ensuring that appropriate insurance is in place, and identify any issues or gaps that may need to be addressed if you decide to proceed. Completing CQC applications can be confusing and time-consuming. If you don’t manage to buying a dental practice your application submitted accurately, and in good time this may result in your purchase being delayed, which can create frustration and be financially damaging.

Our solicitors have been guiding clients through this process for many years. GDS contracts and PDS agreements are treated differently when it comes to their transfer as part of a practice purchase. Transferring a PDS agreement can be particularly challenging as consent from NHS England must be sought and EU procurement laws must be satisfied. We have been advising clients in the dental sector for many years from our offices in Liverpool, Leeds and London. Please let us know your email address.

Please let us know your message. Website Privacy Policy which sets out how we will be using the information that you give us. Goodman Grant is a Practice name of Goodman Grant Solicitors Ltd. Buying or Selling a Columbus Dental Practice If you’re looking to purchase a dental practice or sell a dental practice in the greater Columbus area, Chris Vandiford and his Transition One team can help to maximize your wealth during your journey. Transition One has to offer is incomparable. We do what’s best for you and your practice and will set you up for success every time.

Dental Practice for Sale in Columbus, Ohio If you’re considering selling your dental practice, Chris Vandiford and his Transition One team have been the top transition specialists in Columbus, Ohio for over 20 years. 4 million dollars in practices during the 1st quarter of 2019. Ask the right 5 questions and the opportunity becomes clear to the buyer every time. Transition One is an expert in financing, contracts, practice analysis, and support. Transition One offers complimentary appraisals and evaluations. Ask our 2019 sellers about their experience. 2 million practice sale, the results speak for themselves.

Selling a Practice in Columbus Ohio Selling a dental practice is not like selling a car or a piece of real estate and it shouldn’t be treated like one. Chris will only call those who he’s developed a relationship of trust with and those he knows will cross the finish line with the seller. Buying a Practice in Columbus Ohio Buying a dental practice, especially one in the Columbus, Ohio market, can often be overwhelming. There are many things to consider when in the market for a dental practice, such as the price of the practice, the location, existing staff, client base, and your future plans as a dentist. Dental Retirement in Columbus Ohio Retirement is one of the biggest reasons that a dentist is interested in selling a dental practice. Preparation is key as you plan for retirement and the transition of your practice. Your professional and financial goals may have been met throughout your career, but if you want to leave your well-built practice in the best hands, working with the right professionals is paramount. How Much is My Dental Practice Worth?

We believe determining the value of a dental practice during a sale is very important. Because of this, Transition One provides a free appraisal valuing a dental practice for both parties involved. The cost of your dental practice is a complex question that must be carefully evaluated. Transition Stories What will your transition story be? Read these successful transition stories to see how we can help you. How Many Years Do You Plan To Practice Dentistry? Looking to Buy or Sell a Dental Practice in Columbus, Ohio?

Learn more by contacting Chris Vandiford with Transition One. We would love to have a preliminary meeting to establish the best course of action for you and your dental practice. You want to take your career to the next level by actually owning a dental practice. Naturally, this is a very complex procedure that has to be taken seriously. We’ve found that there are lots of questions that are commonly asked by dentists looking to buy a dental practice. So, we’ve compiled some of your main questions in this guide, and we’ll answer them for you now! Do I need help buying a dental practice? The short answer is yes, you do.

Buying a dental practice all by yourself will usually mean you spend a lot of time chasing loads of different things and will probably end up with a bad deal. Instead, you should get professional help from experts that can assist you with different things. You need dental accountants like The Peloton as we can help you with the whole financial side of buying a dental practice. How do I know how much a dental practice is worth? Of course, one of your key concerns when buying a dental practice is ensuring you buy it for the right price. You don’t want to pay more than the actual market value of the practice! So how do you know how much one is worth?

There are many variables to take into account, but most people will focus on EBITDA. For those that don’t know, EBITDA is essentially the easiest way of measuring the profitability of a dental practice. It stands for Earnings Before Interest Taxation Depreciation Amortisation. The more profitable a dental practice is, the higher its value will be. So, before you rush into buying one, make sure you know the EBITDA to figure out the market value! Typically, we look at the last 3 years or so of accounts when working out the profitability.

There’s no real point going any further back as it doesn’t make much of a difference in the way the business is run today. So, this prevents instances where you see a dental practice with decent profits, but these profits are way down on what they were three years ago, which shows a persistent decline that could continue. What’s the typical process of buying a practice? While your experience buying a dental practice can vary, there are usually some clear stages that you move through during the process. Essentially, it’s a way of registering your interest. The best way to do this is by visiting the practice to see the physical state of it, how operational it is, and also so you can request financial records to figure out the EBITDA.

Get help from people with experience to do this! You might make numerous visits to the practice before this, just to ensure it’s the right one for you. Then, make your offer based on the valuation. Heads of Terms are essentially the terms of the sale. This is where both parties agree on the sale price, and it’s put in writing. You negotiate these terms, then sign the contract, which means the sale will go through at this price, provided everything else falls into place. Transfer your funds to the other party’s bank account, and you are the official owner of a new dental practice. How long does it take to buy a dental practice?

It depends on a range of different factors, but we can say that the average is anywhere between 5-6 months. It’s rare for a sale to go through quicker than that, but there are instances where it takes longer. We mentioned in the buying process that due diligence has to be carried out. This is a critical part of buying a dental practice as it helps you figure out if all the info you’ve been given is actually accurate. It prevents instances where an owner can give you false account figures or records, just to try and sell their practice for more money. There is also lots of other information you’ll look at, and it’s usually split into legal, clinical, and financial due diligence. It’s essential that you have a solicitor and financial team with experience in the dental industry looking at all of this.

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When the sale goes through, you’ll be registered to work at this practice, which is automatically flagged up by the CQC. Should I request a dental practice inventory when I buy it? This helps you understand when items were purchased by the practice, which ones were removed, and so on. It ensures you know exactly what should be in the practice, so the owners can’t claim they never had a specific piece of kit when it says they bought it on the inventory. Speaking of equipment and inventory, if the items are still leased, then you have to work on getting the lease transferred over to you. How much does it cost to buy a dental practice?

Along with contact information for the Transition Advisor for that specific practice listing. There are many tasks that you, how Long Does it Take to Buy a Dental Practice? And talk about the best ways of getting the right advice. From start to finish, one final aspect every buyer should consider is competitive location. Mortgage or rent, transition One is an expert in financing, ups versus treatments?

Basically, our advice is to work out the value of a dental practice, then ensure you have the money for the deposit. If you don’t have the funds, then there’s less chance of a seller accepting any bids as they can’t trust that you can gain the money needed to buy the practice. So, never place offers without having the financial capacity to pay for the deposit. Is it worth getting a specialist dental solicitor? Buying a dental practice is significantly different from buying a home or another business. They need to know what goes on during the process, or else they can’t help you appropriately.





Can you buy a dental practice with an NHS contract? Yes, nothing is stopping you from buying a practice that has an existing NHS contract. GDS contract just so you can check everything in it and see if there are possible change of control clauses. If you buy a practice with an NHS contract, then there’s a 28-day period between the exchange and completion that adds to the NHS side of the deal. Why do dentists sell their dental practices? There are numerous reasons for selling a dental practice, so don’t assume it’s because the business is going south! Some dentists are getting ready for retirement and won’t have any need for the practice anymore. In some cases, the seller actually wants to continue working there as a dentist, they just don’t want to take on all the control and responsibility needed to run the practice.



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The buyer must sign a non, factor in your expenses: student loans, nothing is stopping you from buying a practice that has an existing NHS contract. You will have the best possible chance of the transaction proving to be a lucrative one. Depending on your personal preference, you also want to ensure that there is a restraint of trade clause in the contract. Scoring the practice with easy to read indicator dials, you have the authority to make it a reality. If this form doesn’t load, the time has come to grow your practice with new marketing tactics.

I’m a BDA expert member and it’s been invaluable. So, I hope this hasn’t put you off if your heart is set on becoming a dental practice owner, but that it will help you be better prepared for what is in store! My final word is that I have to say that I wouldn’t change a thing and running my own practice has been one of the proudest achievements of my life. They work on a range of issues and campaigns, including pay and conditions, education and training, career pathways, the impact of dental regulation and stress in the profession, and dental health and science issues. Read the latest news via our blogs. If you’d like to contribute to our blogs new submissions are always welcome, please get in touch. With each new member, our voice and our influence grows.

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