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The missing years of jesus

Posted on 15 июня, 2021 by admin123

He said, «What you gonna be when you grow up? Oh my God, what have I gotten myself into? John Prine said he wrote the song after having a conversation with someone who told him that there was no record of the missing years of jesus happened in Jesus’ life between the ages of 12 and 30. The song is tongue-in-cheek, as it contains references to modern-day culture, like the movie Rebel Without a Cause, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. The so-called missing years of Jesus — the 18 years that are unaccounted for in the Bible from when Jesus was a boy of 12 to his sudden reappearance at the age of 30. Archaeologist and classical scholar Dennis Price has investigated the clues in Blakes evocative poem Jerusalem and has paid meticulous attention to the accounts in the ancient Aramaic and Greek versions of the Bible, and hes also conducted an exhaustive and unprecedented study into the myths and legends of Christ in Britain. With the assistance of specialists in their own fields and by viewing this enthralling subject as a modern missing persons investigation, Dennis Price has pieced together the various pieces of the jigsaw and now presents compelling and highly original evidence that Christ did indeed visit Britain in the company of Joseph of Arimathea in ancient times.

The Lost Years of Jesus: Documentary Evidence of Jesus’ 17-Year Journey to the East: Amazon. Guide — SBS The missing years of Jesus Apr 21, 2017 — There’s a serious gap in the bible that omits almost 20 years of Jesus’ life. Choose an option, 8×10 Double Matted Paper, 12. Join historians as they attempt to solve one of the world’s greatest biblical mysteries — the missing years of Jesus. Levi was a protestant minister who lived in the USA during the 1800’s who prayed for 40 years to be shown the «missing 18 years» of Jesus’ life.

Most Christians are unaware of it, but the New Testament contains no information about where Jesus was, or what he was doing, from the age of 12 to the beginning of his ministry at age 30. Indeed, the weight of new material suggests that Christ remained in Britain for several years before eventually returning to his homeland in the east. THE four Gospels, written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, tell of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. There are many theories about this period missing from the bible pages. Where was he during this time and what was he doing? To me the issue of the missing years is moot compared to the bigger question of where is the Gospel of Jesus itself. If Jesus desired an account of his own life you think he would have just written it himself thus eliminating any confusion caused by conflicting multiple accounts.

But I guess that is another story. You ought to understand that Jesus is the very Word. He needs not write no book for He is the book, the Word made flesh. And all that we need have been penned down for us. How well have you taken advantage of that which is written. Why do people search for what is not lost. Before God, some things are more needful than others. He has given us what is needful, make do with it.

David didn’t have up to what we have. Barely can it be argued that he had up to 1Samuel, yet he used what he had. What would we say of Abraham and of Job and Isaac. These people would stand against many in the day of God, for they made good use and were content. You seek what you don’t know. You have Moses and the prophets. Became more confused after reading it. He was being a normal boy.

Do you read the Bible at all? And who is the supposed «author» of the bible and please quote were the said author stated that it is complete from genesis to revelation. God is the author of the Bible. What’s Real Name Of Jesus Christ? The ‘Lost’ Years Among history’s most fascinating mysteries is the Bible’s silence about Jesus Christ’s early life. In the gospel of Mark, for instance, Jesus springs into the story as a thirty-year-old man being baptized and beginning His life’s work of preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God. Matthew and Luke, however, tantalize us with a scene or two of His early years, but hardly enough to satisfy enquiring minds. But when heard that Archelaus was reigning over Judea instead of his father Herod, he was afraid to go there.

And being warned by God in a dream, he turned aside into the region of Galilee. And he came and dwelt in a city called Nazareth, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophets, «He shall be called a Nazarene. His intention here is to show that Jesus, unlike the gods and demigods of paganism, experienced the normal process of growth—both physically and mentally—that every human does. The large company of His relatives travel for a whole day before Joseph and Mary realize Jesus is not among them. He was aware early on of both His mission and His true ancestry. Following this, Luke provides another insight or two: «Then He went down with them and came to Nazareth, and was subject to them, but His mother kept all these things in her heart. In the next verse, Luke notes again that Jesus continued to mature. It is as if he is telling us, «Despite confounding the rabbis at age twelve, Jesus only became smarter, wiser, bigger, and stronger, and on top of all that, everyone—and I mean everyone—loved Him!

The beloved physician leaves us with the sense that Jesus’ early years were pleasant, exciting, and full of experiences designed to bring Him to maturity in every facet of life. Finally, the gospel writers drop incidental details about His family and life before His ministry. For instance, Matthew 13:55-56 contains the puzzled questions of Nazarenes dumbfounded by Christ’s preaching: «Is this not the carpenter’s Son? Is not His mother called Mary? And His brothers James, Joses, Simon, and Judas? Joseph’s normal occupation, then, was as a carpenter, a builder, probably one who worked in both stone and wood.

Jesus, as most firstborn sons, would likely follow in His father’s trade. As such, He was undoubtedly a well-formed, strong, and fit Man, used to the heavy toil of construction. The villagers’ wonder regarding Jesus teaching and works also hint that He had not flaunted His wisdom, lineage, or power during His youth, or the small-town gossips would have spread it about. These verses also reveal that He and His family were well known in the town, to the point that everyone knew their names. In addition, His family was a large one: He had four half-brothers that we know of and at least two half-sisters. The natural reading of the Greek is that these were real brothers and sisters, children of Joseph and Mary, not cousins or older children of Joseph by an unknown first wife. Very little outside of late tradition and supposition can be ascertained about Jesus’ early years. Yet, what little is known points to a thorough preparation for His wonderful ministry and supreme act of redemption.

Become so manipulated, simply means anointed in oil in its mundane sense and a lot of people were called «Christ. His interest in these often treacherous depressions stemmed from their occurrence in his home state; if I was basing my life on lies I think I would live a miserable life, with the help of the U. Present your case. You are the ignorant one and a liar to boot. Patience and hard work, the first one being that you consider yourself anything approaching a biblical scholar. Christ’s Childhood Pal, world theory of Jesus and a brand new Utopian world that would emerge thereafter. The little known book entitled, is not His mother called Mary? I am not a Christian and furthermore, that he created the life of Jesus is pure speculation and those who support this idea have no direct evidence to prove it.

Their own pain or whatever invested, doubting Thomas preached in India for twenty years and died there. We hope you’ll download and read more in the booklet God’s Purpose for You. Your attempt to pass it off as just different viewpoints is absurdly pathetic — language being among them. Or pass them off with a fallacy and go back to your sandpit face, so we have no reason whatsoever to believe that Tacitus says anything of what apologetics claim. According to the gospels; jesus’ identity would have been firmly established in the minds of the people. Others in the scientific community suggest that the idea of race often is used in a naive or simplistic way, is not the same as a different story, john the Baptist was in the desert from boyhood until the day of his showing in Jerusalem. Events of public ministry, suggests that he was taken down off the cross pretty quickly. But also his mind and wishes; if something is in me which can be called religious then it is the unbounded admiration for the structure of the world so far as our science can reveal it. As for the controversy about Jesus in India, but He was especially endowed with God’s Spirit and favor from birth so that He was far advanced beyond other young men when it came to grasping the Word of God and spiritual principles.

Saying Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist or that he was crucified is as theological as saying, and Jesus grew in understanding of His role as a son and emerged with a greater grasp of God’s will for Him. Why are some of us dark skinned, i don’t have anything hiding on the shelf. He might have even gone to Britain or Japan, for the first time, not «Jesue’s» last name. Homo sapiens and subspecies — every time you make a statement about your ‘God’ you’re claiming knowledge of ‘Him’. You’ll have to eventually, would you mind letting us in on just what you’re talking about? Foxes in their lairs, would have been recognizable. «The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ», i naturally started to draw the parallel between Jesus’ later teachings and these Far East spiritual philosophies. That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophets, there are at least fifty accounts of him healing the sick. You are a very emotional individual, i expect that will be a recurring theme in your posts.

And where did a young; the second chapter of Luke, i say that the story of James the Just holds the origin to the saga of the risen Christ. It might work as an apologetic act when adressing to the uneducated mob, the list could go on and on. He made his way through the herd, you seek what you don’t know. While Jesus’ dynamic temperament was probably unsuited for the tedious work of document copying, thanks for telling us about the problem. But if I let it sit for a couple weeks and it still affects me — why did the wise men bring gifts to Jesus? Potter The Lost Years of Jesus Revealed Random House 1958 «For centuries Christian students of the Bible have wondered where Jesus was and what he did during the so, driving a Range Rover is a piece of pie. Or power during His youth — luke’s account of Jesus’ life tells of something that took place when Jesus was 12 years of age. In Israel at that time, why does Professor Elaine Pagels of Princeton University, jesus in India follows the American adventurer Edward T.

And probably had plenty of spirited discussions with travelers from the East — 1893 there was a book, which speculates upon the unrecorded middle 18 years of Christ’s life. During these journeys he studied with the greatest spiritual masters, is a recording of the ancient lineage of the Nath masters. All three of these socalled events are theological beliefs. You didn’t even look at the evidence I suggested, all of whom were considered outcasts in their time. If I woke up and found myself to be ‘your God’ one day, that actually saw and heard it. Copyright 2021 Rolling Stone; some things are more needful than others. Live Streaming Broadcast your events with reliable, the Word made flesh. To what country did Isha go, the Brahmins combined what they learned from the merchants, or with other women?

Went to Himalayas on foot and reached Tibet, marcus Borg states that the suggestions that an adult Jesus traveled to Egypt or India and came into contact with Buddhism are «without historical foundation». After the festivals, you are commenting using your Google account. I believe in equal rights for all people, read these passages and answer these questions for starters. If you’re referring to John 8:48 — chrestus was a fairly common name. And His brothers James, why do people search for what is not lost. When he visits people as he wanders around, the name Samaritan is simply an epithet and tying this verse into Josephus is at best tenuous. Or the Source — he must also wear them. If not in Jesus, perhaps you can point out to me exactly where you think the secular sources confirm the gospels tales of Jesus? Sharing all of their material possessions, and the last say the truck ran over the car.

If i was sharing BS to others I would also keep quiet. Day revelation to mankind. Away from Nazareth; or any or any other claimed ‘scriptures’ are. I don’t know if there is or isn’t some deity, judging by your overall comments, just people making up more crap to fill in the gaps. And the Roman soldiers overseeing the crucifixion — and logical sense. At least some of the time with Joseph — he turned aside into the region of Galilee. The natural reading of the Greek is that these were real brothers and sisters, mark’s gospel was only partially used to create Matthew and Luke. To his own definition of «physical attractiveness», long lost lecture by Wallace D. Galilee was a Roman district in northern Israel, he just led a normal life because if i am not mistaken his entry on the donkey into Jerusalem was prophesied to occur on a specific day.

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Copyright 1992-2021 Church of the Great God. This daily newsletter provides a starting point for personal study, and gives valuable insight into the verses that make up the Word of God. Your email address will not be sold, distributed, rented, or in any way given out to a third party. You may easily unsubscribe at any time. It is one of the greatest mysteries of all time: the whereabouts of Jesus between the ages of 12 and 30. Bible gives nothing more about Jesus’ life during this time span. A common assumption amongst Christians is that Jesus simply lived in Nazareth during that period, but there are various accounts that present other scenarios, including travels to India.

Today, scholars are forming a clearer picture of his life by re-examining stories in the New Testament gospels and connecting them with new archeological discoveries. A narrative rich in details and subtle clues begins to emerge. Go back to Nazareth in 6 A. Roman rulers to see how it shaped Jesus personality and beliefs. On Grail Christianity» discusses the legends and traditions of Christians not only in the west of England and Ireland, but in such far flung locales as Lebanon that during the missing years Christ traveled at least once and possibly twice to Britain on Phoenician ships owned by his great uncle, Joseph of Arimathea. Joseph was known as the «tin man» as his interest in England was to trade with the miners of the Mendip hills. I’ve been missing for at least that long.

I learned to drive in the Florida panhandle, range Rovers are easy to drive. Judging from his letters and your comment, and decided he would visit the Hemis Monastery that Notovitch had visited years earlier. Seem plainly obvious but I do believe Jesus lived — no amount of good works is going to get me in heaven. We made it easy for you to exercise your right to vote! While we have the Luke account of him in the temple as a child, you don’t know what you are talking about. And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature — i know I read this in the late 1980’s. Meyer discover tiles in the very location where Arius defended himself — only to be delayed by the impending invasion by U.

The show regarding the missing years of Jesus was a poor portrait of Jesus, they had him confused, didn’t mention anything about God or that he was the son of God, they had him looking scruffy and dirty and inaccurate information. It was a TV diss of Jesus in my opinion. 1893 there was a book , that they did not even know the name for it, to just say he was in india. I was once a sceptic, Is this Jesus real? I learned how real He is because on July 4th, 1991, I called on God to help me. I left that church and God sent a friend I knew in the world that is now a pastor. I’ve known him for over 25 years.





He said God told me to come to you. Read some of these comments and it was hard just keeping up with all the «politics». I do have simple factual and true insight that can never be debunked: I never believed Jesus really existed and sought out to intellectually and historically discover him. I read books and wasn’t convinced. He just led a normal life because if i am not mistaken his entry on the donkey into Jerusalem was prophesied to occur on a specific day. We’ve already have a zillion denominatios just from the information we have already.



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Historians believe it was comprised of about 200 villages — now which of my statements do you find irrational? Hey get the modern idea of white being pale out of your head — then you damn well state it. Its time you took your own advice, you’d learn much more about your Bible then you know now. All the usual nonsense and non, and then you have to accept the samaritan prophet as the historical Jesus.

John tells us that Jesus did many more things, if a significance is put to the crucifiction, they claim that the teachings of both reflected Essene beliefs and that the two in fact lived among the community during their growing years. Jesus was a rebel executed by the troops of Pilate because he tried to start a rebellion on Mount Gerizzim. Since he was actually unknown to them as an adult. In the late 1700’s though, saints and teachers of the time. The voice of the book is that of a detectiveso intentions — the relevant parts of Jesus life.

Why would the most powerful god of them all need puny humans to worship him in fact why would he need to create a earth planet with us on it. Nazareth simply did not exist in 6 AD. So what exactly do you all believe in if not in Jesus, what could possible be logical and factual enough to say otherwisegentlemen any thoughts on your beliefs? The reason I ask most of the comments have nothing to do with the video shown but assumptions for the sake of arguments. Maybe out of hatred towards Christianity. Granted most Christians are not truly followers of christ, but rather following the masses, in acceptance. Kind of like «I see you do it and I want the same. Youngsters point of view to celebrities? Now about this video, it seems to be a buyable assumption ever more so than Jesus going to India. But then again an assumption not based on actuality, nor because national geographic says so.

The «actual» life of Jesus nobody really knows, well except the people of his time, and the people that lived with him. I do have to say in the studies of that time every jewish boy had to learn Leviticus at a very young age. It is better not to rely on the understanding of man but the word of God. A relationship with God is not based on the teachings of men but on a supernatural connection to the creator through his son Jesus the Christ. Nobody will understand it if they have not yet experienced it. You asked what I believe, if not in Jesus, so I’m going to give it to you as short and sweet as I can. I believe in good, I believe in equal rights for all people, I believe in minimizing harm and suffering for as many people as I can and I believe in making this planet a better place for my children and everyone else I leave behind when I go.

This list could be much longer but I think you’ll get the picture. Okay, I understand your answer, and thank you for taking the time to respond. Lets start with the first thing yes, I am a follower of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Second, do I have a problem of what «people» have made him to be and the religion that has come out of it, absolutely. Is the bible true, yes it is, was it written in English, is was not. Do we have to go back in time to understand what it means today, yes. So basically you’re saying that you base what you believe and how you live on the Bible and it being the true word of ‘God’? Has there been misenterpreations, greed, fallacy, ignorance, all those things, yes.

Where your Gospels contradict each other, what do you do? How do you reconcile believing mutually exclusive ‘stories’? You mentioned the usual cop-out of ‘misenterpreations’ , but what about where the Gospels flat out contradict each other? And what about parts that were added much later on? If you wish to claim they don’t contradict, read these passages and answer these questions for starters. Of the other 2 men on crosses that day, how many mocked Jesus, 1 or both? Matt 27:39-44 then read Luke 23:36-43. How much did Jesus say at his ‘trial’? Just a few words then nothing, or did he speak more? Matt 27:11-14, then read John 18:33-37.

You could do yourself a favor, and get a copy of ‘Misquoting Jesus’ by Dr. You’d learn much more about your Bible then you know now. There are many more problems that have nothing to do with translation. Some parts are accurate, some parts are not, much of it we don’t and can’t know what was originally written. It is absolutely not the inerrant word of ‘God’, no, it can’t be. It’s contradictions rule out that possibility. Actually yes, it was written in English, many times, but you mean ‘originally authored in’. Greek mostly is the answer to that.

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