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0 now from the Firefox Add-ons Store. The Uttar Pradesh government plans to open some more public toilets for the third gender keeping in view the difficulties faced by the people from the community. The district administration is also is planning to open four more transgender toilets in different parts of the city. Varanasi: In a major relief for people of the third gender, the Uttar Pradesh government has opened a public toilet fully dedicated to the transgenders in Kamachha area of the Varanasi district. The toilet has been opened keeping in view difficulties faced by the transgender community.

At times, many of them are not allowed to enter common public toilets for men and men. The toilets will be constructed in areas where the people from the transgender community are in good numbers, according to a report in ANI. Without the toilet, we had to face a lot of difficulties as there was no proper place for us to relieve. We used to relieve ourselves anywhere. But now we are happy we have a safer to place relieve ourselves,» said Roshni, a transgender. Meanwhile, the Delhi government has asked all its departments including district authorities, municipal corporations to ensure separate toilets for transgender people at their respective offices. Telling the departments that such toilets can’t be made immediately, the Delhi government in an order said that existing toilet facilities for persons with disabilities should be made available for use by transgenders for the time being. Delhi in the annual budget for 2021-22.

The deadline for such toilet construction has been fixed two years. Trans people shall continue to be allowed to use gender-based toilets as per their self-identified gender,» a report in Indian Express quoted from the social welfare department order last week. 1 1 13 1 13 17 6. What made you want to look up toilet? Get Word of the Day daily email! Which is a synonym of perdure? Test your visual vocabulary with our 10-question challenge! Subscribe to America’s largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free!

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You can change your cookie settings at any time. This publication is licensed under the terms of the Open Government Licence v3. To view this licence, visit nationalarchives. Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned. Changing Places’ toilets for disabled people who cannot use standard accessible toilets. The government’s position is also of the view that there needs to be proper provision of gender-specific toilets for both men and women, with a clear steer in building standards guidance. This places women at a significant disadvantage.

Women are also likely to feel less comfortable using mixed sex facilities, and require more space. It is also desirable to avoid queues for toilets, and male toilets are typically able to allow for a quicker transition of customers. In addition to this, signage should be clear, and should not seek to avoid the use of gender-specific language unnecessarily as this causes public confusion. We are therefore launching a technical review to address these points and will also to consider the ratio of female toilet spaces needed, versus the number for men, given the need for women to use cubicles. We want to ensure that everyone is fairly served, and this review will ensure different voices are heard. There are a few alternative routes and mechanisms for conducting this review, and MHCLG will be considering the best route forward as a priority, working closely with relevant stakeholders to ensure that their views and technical knowledge of building regulations is considered. The government wants to ensure dignity and respect for all.

The Equality Act provides that sex, age, disability and gender reassignment are protected characteristics. This does not mean that gender-specific toilets should be replaced with gender-neutral toilets. But there should be balanced consideration of how the needs of all those with protected characteristics should be considered, based on the mix of the population and customer demand. These considerations also include provision for older people, and for parents with very young children who need changing facilities. UK Don’t include personal or financial information like your National Insurance number or credit card details. UK To help us improve GOV. UK, we’d like to know more about your visit today. All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.

Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. The Best Toilets for the Home Find the ideal commode to meet the needs of your bathroom with one of these top-performing toilets. There once was a time when toilet designs were fairly standard. They were white, round in shape, and featured a seat to sit upon, a lid that opened and closed, and a lever for flushing. They also guzzled up to 7 gallons of water per flush. Modern toilets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and varying levels of complexity.

They feature different seat shapes and height options for maximum comfort. There are toilets with sleek one-piece designs that are easier to clean, and high-tech toilets with auto-flushing mechanisms, heated seats, and even built-in deodorizers. Some toilets now offer bidet functions that gently clean you with massaging streams of water. Most modern toilets feature low-flow designs, using at most 1. 6 gallons per flush and in some cases less than a gallon. Composting toilets use no water at all.

Below, we’ll review the features to consider when shopping for a new toilet and provide you with a list of some of the best toilet models for your home. The distance to the top of the toilet seat is between 15 and 17 inches from the floor. The most important measurement to keep in mind is the rough-in distance, which is the measurement from the back wall to the center of the toilet drain pipe. This measurement ranges between 10 and 14 inches. It’s crucial to know what rough-in measurement you have in your bathroom so you can purchase a toilet that will fit the available space. Most toilets are two-piece with a tank mounted to the toilet via two large bolts. These toilets are typically the least expensive and may require you to purchase the lid separately.

A one-piece toilet offers a sleeker look with the toilet and tank consisting of a solitary piece. These models are typically designer and cost more. They’re also easier to clean as they don’t have as many creases and crevices as two-piece toilets. Wall-mounted toilets, once found only in public restrooms, are becoming more popular for their minimalist looks. Unlike the models found at your local fast food restaurant restroom, they feature designer aesthetics. They consist of a seat attached to the wall with no visible toilet tank.

Keep in mind these toilets require custom plumbing. Bidet-toilet combos offer the flushing power of a toilet with the spray-cleaning function of a bidet. The tank includes a spray jet that emits a gentle stream of water. While a smart toilet may initially seem like a silly idea, they actually offer some significant advantages. Smart toilets will automatically flush and can sense how much water is needed to perform an effective flush. This feature cuts the amount of water used to as little as .

For those earth-conscious homeowners willing to go to extremes to reduce their impact on the environment, there are composting toilets. These toilets compost human waste using no water for flushing. An organic additive such as peat moss or sawdust is used to promote decomposition, eventually creating matter that can fertilize soil. Portable toilets are good options for camping, boating, and RVing and other situations where plumbing may not be readily available. Higher-end models include multiple tanks—one for water that is used to clean the bowl via a manual pump and a second, lower tank that holds waste until it can be dumped later. Elongated bowls have an oval shape that makes the seat more spacious and comfortable.

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They also add about 2 inches to the bowl’s length for an average overall length of about 18 inches from the seat hinges to the front of the bowl. Round front bowls don’t offer the comfort of an elongated bowl. They are shorter at about 16 inches long, making them good options for smaller bathrooms in which space is at a premium. A compact elongated bowl offers a happy medium with a more oval shape that is about the same overall length as a round toilet thanks to a narrower tank. If you buy a toilet that does not come with a seat, it’s critical to purchase one that matches the toilet’s shape. Toilet seats come in various materials, including plastic, polypropylene, cushioned vinyl, composite wood, and real wood. A gravity flush system creates flushing pressure by releasing the tank water into the bowl, forcing all of the contents through the trapway leading to the drain and ultimately the sewer or septic system.

Since these toilets use the natural power of water pressure, there are few mechanical parts to worry about, keeping maintenance relatively low. Pressure-assisted toilets use the power of siphoned air to create a much stronger flush than a gravity flushing toilet. In addition to rarely requiring a second flush, they can also be quite loud. Pressure-assisted toilets, commonly found in public bathrooms, have been making their way into homes with the development of quiet-flush technology. Dual-flush systems are among the hottest flush technologies on the market. These dual flush systems save water by using 1. 1-gallon partial flushes for liquid waste and 1.

6-gallon full flushes for solid waste. Cutting-edge double-cyclone toilets use nozzles instead of tiny holes in the toilet rim and an innovative system that increases the pressure of each flush, allowing you to get the power of a full 1. 6 gallon flush with just 1. Some higher-end toilet seats offer slow-close options, which prevents slamming. Heated toilet seats eliminate the shock of sitting on a cold seat during winter months. Some toilets also feature high-end options such as touchless flushing, deodorizers, and even LED lighting for those late night trips to the bathroom. 6 gallons of water per flush, a far cry from toilets built in the 1960s and 1970s that used a staggering 5 to 7 gallons of water per flush.





While the Environmental Protection Agency considers 1. 6 gallons to be low-flow, some models go even lower, using as little as 1 gallon per flush. While pressurized toilets in public restrooms can hit an ear-popping 60 decibels or louder, most home toilets are around the 40-decibel mark, while quiet toilets might be around 30 decibels. Quiet toilets are good options for powder rooms adjacent to main living areas and guest rooms. While white is still the predominant color for most toilets, some designer models feature other colors, such as black. Though not as common, the minimalist design of wall-mounted toilets is also increasing in popularity.



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A consortium of companies producing plumbing products including Toto Ltd. So not only does the Korky make an excellent seal at the bowl, 1 1 13 1 13 17 6. Make sure this matches the toilet rough, was unable to move the foam ball during our tests. Style or canister, japanese comics for visually indicating toilets or other things that look like toilets. If your toilet’s dimensions aren’t standard, 6 gallons per flush or GPF.

They are made by some of the best-known toilet manufacturers in the business. With a modern look enhanced by its one-piece design, this toilet makes a striking addition to a master bathroom. Its clean lines also make this toilet easy to clean, with few grooves and crevices to navigate. It features siphon technology for a quiet yet powerful flush that minimizes clogs. A dual-flush design allows for 1-gallon and 1. The seat is set at a higher than average height of 18 inches for comfort, making it similar to a chair. An elongated bowl gives it an overall length of 28. An integrated soft closing seat that comes preinstalled prevents banging. This toilet includes a wax ring, water fitting, and floor bolts.

The rough-in for this toilet is 12 inches. This affordable model from TOTO features simple lines with a rounded tank and bowl at a price that won’t make you feel like you’re flushing money down the toilet. In addition to saving you cash up front, it will also shave dollars off your water bill, thanks to its low 1. Despite its reduced water use, the TOTO offers ample flush power thanks to a 3-inch wide flush valve and a large siphoning jet and trapway. With its round bowl, this toilet is just 26. 5 inches long with a rough-in depth of 12 inches, making it suitable for smaller bathrooms. A tank to bowl gasket and bolts for connecting the tank to the toilet are included. This toilet does not come with a seat or wax ring.

If you’re looking for comfort without sacrificing more floor space in your bathroom, then consider this model from Kohler. It features a compact, elongated bowl that offers an ample seating area for comfort without extending much further than a standard round bowl. It’s 31 inches long from the back of the tank to the end of the bowl. At 17 inches high, the seat is a bit taller than the standard 15 inches, making it more comfortable for taller people to use. A soft-close toilet seat prevents banging, while sleek lines give it a classic look. A one-piece design makes it easy to clean. When you approach it, the lid automatically opens, welcoming you aboard. A heated seat and an air dryer keep you warm while you sit. When you’re finished, the bidet cleanses you with a gentle pulsating spray while the warm air gently dries you.

A wireless remote lets you customize the whole experience, while a soft blue LED night light makes it easy to find the toilet in the dark. With all this hands-free automation, you might even skip a trip to the sink on your way out. While this toilet may add to your electric bill, it will save you water thanks to its dual-flushing function. For those with limited mobility, sitting on a 15-inch toilet can be a challenge, requiring you to descend and ascend to and from an uncomfortably low position. This extra tall toilet raises the seat up to make sitting down more comfortable with a seat height that reaches 20 inches. While pricier than other toilets, it will save you money in the long run, thanks to a dual flush system that flushes at 1. 28 gallons for solids and just . A large ergonomic handle makes it easier to flush, while an elongated shape adds comfort and a soft-close lid prevents slamming. With its extra tall height, this toilet is able to use gravity to a greater degree to create a more powerful flush.

This toilet makes quite a statement with its unorthodox shape and look. In addition to its black color, a bold departure from standard white, it also eschews the rounded shape we’ve come to expect from a toilet for a more geometric look. The tank and the bowl feature corners and flat surfaces, giving this model a cube shape. Don’t worry: This doesn’t mean your posterior will have to conform to a square seat. The toilet seat features the traditional rounded interior circle, making it comfortable for your rear end. This sleek-looking toilet has a dual-flush design for water savings and a siphon for powerful flushes.

A higher seat height of 17 inches adds comfort, while a soft-closing seat prevents accidental banging. If you favor a more traditional look, this toilet also comes in white. When it comes to a durable, easy-to-use composting toilet, it’s tough to beat this Nature’s Head model. The waste tank is large enough for two adults to use full-time, which will require emptying every four to six weeks. This waterless toilet uses an electric fan to draw fresh air in and push odors out, helping to keep smells at bay. While the fan uses 12V power, it can convert to 110V with a kit purchased directly from Nature’s Head. When there’s no toilet where you’re going, you don’t have to answer nature’s call outside. Take a toilet with you with this portable travel toilet from Camco.

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