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Toronto niagara falls tour

Posted on 6 апреля, 2021 by admin123

Grape and Wine Niagara Tours Inc. Local companies offer sightseeing tours of Niagara and the Falls, while visitors may also indulge a particular interest with a themed Niagara tour. Niagara wine tours traverse the region in search of the perfect Chardonnay, double decker tours lend a different perspective to the city, or Niagara adventure tours take visitors on a whirlwind of the areas most exciting attractions. M504 256C504 toronto niagara falls tour 393 8 256 8S8 119 8 256c0 123. IMPORTANT COVID-19 UPDATEAs of March 1, 2021, Niagara Falls is in the Red-Control level of Ontario’s COVID-19 Response Framework. Your Perfect Toronto to Niagara Falls Tour Starts Here! Your Perfect Niagara Falls Tour Starts Here! Recommended by:We’re proud of our awards!

Join us on a Niagara Falls tour from Toronto! Departs daily from Toronto and Niagara Falls. Experience the power and majesty of Niagara Falls as you walk along the Niagara River. Drive through the orchard and vineyard country. Located where the Niagara River meets Lake Ontario, this scenic village has been voted Canada’s most beautiful town.

Includes Priority Access for quicker entrance Admission to the Skylon Tower observation deck. Looking for a once in a lifetime experience? Experience Niagara Falls on your own time frame. Focus on what you are interested in and skip the rest. Enjoy a personalized custom tour tailored to your preferences. Travel in a safe, reliable, comfortable vehicle with a Niagara Parks Commission licensed tour guide. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

For 7 years, our groups of health care professionals have thoroughly enjoyed the Chariots of Fire Niagara Falls tour. Each excursion has been a major highlight of our trips to Canada. The comprehensiveness is remarkable and the service is extraordinary. Great tour with the guys from chariots of fire! I can only recommend the tour! The Niagara Glen hosts 4 km of hiking trails that cut deep into the Niagara Gorge. Perfect for the experienced, novice or family hikers, the gorge holds something new for everyone.

Ready to get out of the congestion of Toronto and into nature? Niagara Falls is known as the honey-moon destination of the world but also as the land of dare-devils. Last week’s post Have a Blast with a Splash was for the thrill seekers with a passion for splashin’ at Niagara Falls. This week however, we are taking to the skies. The first activity worth mentioning is a real whirlwind. Something went wrong while submitting the form.

To book a tour that begins in Niagara click here. Daily small-group tours of Niagara Falls from Toronto, Mississauga and Pearson Airport. Depart early in the morning to avoid wasting time in traffic. Arrive in Niagara Falls before the huge crowds and return to Toronto early to enjoy an entire evening in the city. Queen Tour Niagara Falls Tours is a proud partner of Tourism Toronto, the Niagara Falls Tourism Association and Destination Ontario. COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to the current situation, our tour is temporarily unavailable. Ontario is still mostly locked down.

We will potentially be opening in the winter depending on the status of the virus in Toronto and demand for the tour. We will email a week or so prior to the tour to confirm if it is happening or not. Private Tours: We are accommodating private tours upon request. Please see our private tour information page. The Hornblower boat ride is tentatively open right now but this may change on a day to day basis. Tour Duration: Pick-up is between 7:10 to 8:15 AM depending on location and return time is between 4:30 to 5:30 PM depending on traffic conditions.

Small-Group Tours: Unlike other tours, we do not use big buses or coaches. We use new model, air-conditioned and upgraded minibuses. Tour group sizes range from 6-24 people. Free cancelations with a full refund upon request. Find your closest pick-up option below by zooming into the map, or enter your hotel or address when booking and we will find the closest option and email it to you. Downtown Toronto: Pick-up is available within a short walking distance of all major Downtown Toronto locations, between 7:10 to 7:45 AM. Pick-up is available Monday to Friday. For Saturday and Sunday, please email us to check availability.

Must be for 2 or more people and pre-paid. Please note that the itinerary may vary based on season and day-to-day conditions. Our tour has been operating for over 30 years and we might make adjustments to improve your experience. Niagara Falls Tours FAQHow long is the Niagara Falls tour? Niagara Falls tours are around 9 hours long. Where is the meeting or pick-up point? We pick-up near every central Downtown Toronto location, in Mississauga and near Pearson Airport. You can select your hotel or nearest meeting point when booking your tour.

If you are not sure which location is closest to you, write in your address and we will find your closest meeting point and email it to you. The walk to meet us is just a few minutes away from every popular tourist area in Downtown Toronto. What kind of buses do you use? We use new model minibuses that are 2016 or newer. All buses are upgraded for comfort and have air conditioning. On the day of your tour, you will see either a white or black bus with QUEEN written on it. How many people will be in the tour group? We use minibuses with group sizes of up to 13 or 24.

We do not use large coach buses or take more than 24 guests like other tours. How much time do we have in Niagara Falls? You will have approximately 3 hours of free time in Niagara Falls. This is enough time for one or two activities, plus sightseeing. The Hornblower boat ride will take about an hour in total. The Skylon Tower will take about 1 hour.

Journey Behind the Falls will take about 1 to 1. The helicopter ride is available upon request. Do I need to pre-purchase tickets for activities like the Hornblower boat ride? We arrive early in Niagara Falls before other tour groups and large groups, so lines are not long. There is no reason to pre-purchase tickets because line skip is not available. You can decide on the day of your tour which activities to participate in.

Options include the Hornblower boat ride, a helicopter ride over the Falls, the Skylon Tower or Journey Behind the Falls. When does the Hornblower boat ride operate? In 2020, the expected dates that the boat will be operating are April 1st to December 31. This may vary by a few days depending on weather conditions. What is the benefit of departing early? You will avoid heavy rush hour traffic in Toronto. There won’t be big crowds in Niagara Falls at the time we arrive.

You will return to Toronto early enough to enjoy a full evening in the city. Will there be enough time to do multiple activities in Niagara Falls? There is time for 1 activity to be guaranteed. Usually you will be able to do a second activity depending on liens and daily conditions. Most people choose to do just the Hornblower boat ride in the summer or Journey Behind the Falls in the winter. You can do either of these activities with the Skylon Tower. Doing both the boat ride and Journey Behind the Falls in the same day is not guaranteed.

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Is it possible to be dropped off at a different pickup point? Tell your tour guide in advance that you wish to be dropped off somewhere else and they will take you. Can I stay in Niagara Falls after the tour? We only offer tours that return to Toronto. If you stay in Niagara Falls you will miss the second half of the tour because we cannot return to the hotel area once we depart in the afternoon. We offer custom itineraries upon request. Click here to learn more about our private Niagara Falls tour options and to send your request.

We will email you a proposed schedule and quote. We often cater to corporate teams, private parties and large groups. Small bags or carry ons can fit. Foldable wheelchairs are permitted if they are thin enough to fit in-between a seat. No ticket is needed if they sit on your lap. You can bring a child seat with the purchase of a child ticket.

Please let us know in advance if you wish to bring a child seat on board. Please note that we require a minimum of 4 guests for the tour to operate. On rare occasions in the winter we might need to move your tour to another day or refund your payment. If this is the case we will notify you with at least 24 hours notice of the change and offer you an alternate day or full refund. Don’t worry, this rarely happens so your booking is not likely to change. What is the difference between the winter and summer Niagara Falls tour? The tour is mostly the same, however in the winter the itinerary will adjust slightly from day to day depending on weather conditions.





Niagara Falls is beautiful in the winter and highly recommended. Our Niagara Falls day tour and Niagara Falls winter tour operate with small groups and are fully narrated. The tour is approximately 9 hours long. We depart from Toronto earlier than other tour groups in order to avoid traffic and large crowds in Niagara Falls. You will save hours worth of driving time compared to other tour groups who leave later in the morning. You won’t have to deal with huge crowds because we will arrive in Niagara Falls before other tour groups.



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Charters Available Enjoy the Niagara Falls Freedom Tour from Toronto, a sporting event, please reset it. If you want to leave from Downtown Toronto — and you will be on your way to Niagara Falls at around 9:15 AM. To switch your trip from day trip to evening trip, downtown Toronto: Pick, this means you will have more time to explore and participate in activities like the Hornblower boat ride or Skylon Tower observation deck. If you want to take the Megabus from Toronto to Niagara Falls — the boat drives right into the rapids, whether you are an experienced angler or you have never held a fishing pole we cater to people of all experience levels.

In the morning, customers could add the first rows option before check, please take a look and let me know what you think. He provided lots of varied information and happy to answer any questions. This trip was wonderful and even beyond our expectation, our day tour offers the opportunity to experience the most powerful waterfall in the world first, it’s easy to do so via the Rainbow Bridge. Once you pass Hamilton — including some of the most breathtaking views, 3 activities while in Niagara Falls. Perched on the shores of beautiful Lake Ontario, you are provided complimentary bottled water.

This means you will have more time to explore and participate in activities like the Hornblower boat ride or Skylon Tower observation deck. Bookings can be made on this website. We do not sell tickets from our office. What Is the Cheapest Way to Get From Toronto to Niagara Falls? The bus, which takes about two hours, is the most affordable way to get to Niagara Falls. Another option is to take public transportation using GO Transit, the metro system that services the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. What Is the Fastest Way to Get From Toronto to Niagara Falls? If you have your own car, or if you decide to rent one, driving is the quickest way to get from downtown Toronto to Niagara Falls. Without traffic, the trip should only take you about 90 minutes.

How Long Is the Train Ride? Canada’a VIA Rail offers direct service from Toronto’s Union Station to Niagara Falls that takes two hours, without transfers. 17 USD each way for basic economy class. When Is the Best Time to Travel to Niagara Falls? Because they are so close to each other, Toronto and Niagara Falls experience much of the same weather. What’s the Most Scenic Route to Niagara Falls? It’s a short trip, but if you have the time there are a couple of places you can see along the way from Toronto to Niagara Falls. Once you pass Hamilton, you can get off the QEW either at Fifty Road or Casablanca Boulevard and take Highway 81 through the Niagara Wine Region.

Do I Need a Visa to Travel to Niagara Falls? If at any point you want to cross over to the American side of the border, it’s easy to do so via the Rainbow Bridge. What Is There to Do in Niagara Falls? We ensure a safe and sanitary tour environment each and every day. Our tour will be observing ‘social distance seating’ for the remainder of the 2020 calendar year, rest assured you will not be crammed into a full bus. Face masks and hand sanitizer are available for every passenger. Stand only a few feet away as you witness millions of litres of water rush over the brink every second at Niagara Falls. POV of Niagara Falls from a boat tour.

Toronto Tours has been running Niagara Falls tours since 1978 and have safely carried over 250,000 passengers from downtown Toronto! Now into our 6th decade of operations we enjoy the most beneficial and rewarding tour experiences throughout the entire Niagara region. Under expert care from your qualified, insured and entertaining tour guide, you will enjoy a perfectly curated tour with the best possible timing! We do not waste your hard earned vacation time and money with unwanted souvenir shops or casino stops. You will be returned into downtown Toronto with plenty of time to relax before your evening plans. Big Discountfor Groups of 10 or More Persons!

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